Hakim and I met online last year on a forum dedicated to equal rights. Little did we know that we'd be soundtracking the most important civil rights protests in my lifetime. Hakim's lifetime is a little longer - he was a teenager during the Watts riots of '65, when he had a fleeting brush with the Black Panther party. The title of the forthcoming album, 'Not Too Busy To Hate' is a slogan once used by militant black activists in the 60s. Hakim still lives in LA and having made his living as a session musician and sometime poet, he's achieved a little local celebrity, if not international fame. He doesn't want any recognition or money from the music (though I wouldn't mind!) and likes his relative anonymity. He's happy to have the record go out in his name, and for it to cover subject matter he still passionately believes in. If you like what you see and hear, please spread the word. Peace. Paul